To educate, advocate, and guide those living with dementia, those whose loved one has dementia, and those providing care. 

The most difficult conversations we face are the ones most worth having.


Anne's Story


Anne Huntington MSN, RN-BC, has been a registered nurse for 40 years.  She originally earned her RN from New England Baptist Hospital School of Nursing, in 1978.   She returned to school and graduated from Northeastern University with her baccalaureate degree in nursing, then her masters degree in nursing from Framingham State University.  She has practiced nursing in a wide range of areas from acute care, oncology, as a visiting nurse, and now in Neuropsychiatry.  She has spent her nursing career as a healthcare provider, advocate, and educator.


She has a great appreciation and sensitivity to those suffering from physical and psychiatric pain. In 2000, she found her passion working with the Geriatric population, who  were dealing with the challenges of dementia. She moved from providing direct patient care to the management of  inpatient Geriatric psychiatry units.


In 2010, Ms. Huntington’s mom was diagnosed with dementia, which brought on a new perspective into this devastating illness and advocacy.  Suddenly she was the daughter providing care, negotiating the healthcare system and did not have the emotional separation, the role of nurse afforded.


This blog is meant to merge a professional and educated knowledge base with one that has come from personal experiences, raw feelings and reactions, and baring witness to loved ones traveling on the journey from health to end of life, as a result of dementia.  Ms. Huntington’s hope is to use this blended knowledge base to educate, advocate and guide those living with dementia, those whose loved one has dementia, and those providing care.


She welcomes others to share their stories and experiences within this blog.

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